Friday, November 14, 2014

Is It Legal to Jailbreak an iPhone in the US?

Is it legal to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad or any other device that is using copyrighted content in the USA? According to the DMCA law it is illegal to jailbreak iDevices and other gadgets, unless there is an exemption which is obtained by the EFF each year. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has to fight for USA iOS 8 jailbreak legality and other jailbreaks once again in 2014 and this company has already filed jailbreak legal petition with the Copyright Office to get the exemption for the procedure under DMCA.

Jailbreak Legal Petition Filed by EFF in USA

It is worth noting that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects copyrighted content but still doesn’t classify the jailbreak as a crime if there is an exemption. The EFF got the exemptions for jailbreaking under DMCA back in 2012 and earlier in 2010. Now, it is doing it again and hopes to get the exemption in 2014 so that users get the sign of relief till 2016.

Is jailbreak legal in USA in 2014? It is legal right now while it is protected by the exemption to DMCA and unless the Copyright Office doesn’t extend this exemption it will stay legal after Christmas.

Hopefully the rule will be renewed for smartphones and expanded to tablet devices as well. Note that even thought you can legally jailbreak iOS 8 iPhone on Windows and Mac with Pangu 8 jailbreak tool Apple will consider your warranty being voided once you jailbreak.


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