Thursday, November 27, 2014

iOS Tweet Sharing Private Messages Begin!

iOS tweet sharing private messages is one of new feature of popular social service Twitter. It was rolled out on Thursday after previewing future platform enhancements and features during its Analyst’s Day event that was held last week.

Twitter presented a list of improvements coming to their service that include enhancements to Direct Messages and video capabilities. Some of them will be introduced to public next year.

With the latest Twitter version for iPhone, you can share public Tweets privately over Direct Messages with native embedding. Just think about sharing tweets privately with any of your followers in terms of discussing public content in private chats.

Twitter is already a great place for public conversation; now it’s also easier to privately discuss things you care about,” a company blog post shares.

He also added:

With today’s update you’ll be able to share a Tweet privately with any of your followers. To do this from either the iOS to Mac or Android mobile apps, long-press the Tweet in your timeline and choose “Share via Direct Message.” The person you share a Tweet with will get a push notification, and the Tweet will display directly in the conversation.

iOS Tweet sharing private messages will be available for the official Twitter for iPhone app as well as, Twitter for Android, and TweetDeck for Chrome, Windows, and the web.

In the announcement there were said no news about the support for the official Twitter for Mac app, Twitter for iPad app, or any third-party apps.

Twitter’s has just added support for sharing links and photos in Direct Messages. Yesterday, The Twitter team enabled an advanced search feature which allows users to search through Twitter’s entire network of public tweets sent since 2006.

Twitter also added that they are going to introduce native video features to its service in the next year. Twitter will add the ability to “record, edit and share” video natively from within its own app.


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