Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to See iOS 8 iPhone Battery Usage [Instruction]

Sometimes iOS 8 battery usage not showing issue can frustrate you so badly that you just wish to stop it and extend your iOS 8 battery life. How can you achieve this? There is a simple trick that turns on your battery usage statistics and gives you a broad look at all the app and games that are “eating” the life out of your battery.

The hidden iOS 8 iPhone battery life testing results and information can be enabled through Settings. If iOS battery rain troubles you a lot, this is what you should do. This works on jailbroken iPhones only.

How to See Stats for iOS 8 Battery Usage

Step 1. Download DetailedBatteryUsage tweak created by Hamza Sood. This developer is well known for interesting tools and apps you can use.

Step 2. Launch Settings app.

Step 3. Go to General menu.

Step 4. Open Usage tab.

Step 5. Select Battery Usage menu.

Step 5. You can also see the details about your battery usage by clicking on the app which appears on your Home screen and shows the graph and stats.

Thanks to the iOS 8 tweak, you can now see different information about your battery life, including background and active usage options and total drain data. It also shows your CPU and SOC energy levels on the graph and the details on each app that drains the battery life on how much it consumes.

This hidden information can be often so useful, but this is surely not the everyday program.


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