Friday, November 28, 2014

How To Install Winterboard Themes On iOS 8 Device

Here is guide which will show you how to install Winterboard Themes on iOS 8. There’s a way how you can get Winterboard themes compatible with iOS 8 and your personal device.

Before starting the work with themes you should download a few things. First download both of these IconBundles and Apple File Conduit “2” tweaks through Cydia on your device.

Then please download these programs onto your computer:

  • iFunBox: Windows, Mac
  • Java Development Kit: Windows, Mac
  • Shattered Husky: Windows/Mac

After you have download all need things, jailbreak your iOS 8 device and installed all of them. Please make sure that wanted the Winterboard theme was downloaded onto your device. So will see it in this tweak. And now let's start.

Step 1. Connect your device to computer

Step 2. Open iFunBox and click on “Raw File System>Library>Themes”

Step 3. Now you will see all the Winterboard themes that have been installed on your device. Copy the folder(s) and save them to your desktop.

Step 4. Then open Shattered Husky.

Step 5. Click “Select Theme” and point it to the folder(s) and tap “Choose”. Note, you can only convert one folder at a time.

Step 6. Click “Select Destination” to select a location where you want to save newly converted
Winterboard theme.

Step 7. By clicking on the button “Options” you need to decide what type of device you’re converting it to. Don't forget to click “Mask themed icons” to mask your icons.

Step 8. Now click “Convert”.This action will all choose files of the folder into compatible ones for your iOS 8 device. If you want to convert more than one folder you should use these above steps.

Step 9. After you converted all wanted files, then just copy all converted files back into your device using iFunBox.

Step 10. Then Paste them where the original theme files are ( “Raw File System>Library>Themes”).

Step 11. After you have done the step 9, now to enable the new files click on them and respring your device. Look at the picture below to compare the look before and after updating Soft for iOS 8.

Now you know how to install Winterboard Themes on iOS 8.

But if it is easier for you to do the installation using the video, check it here:


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