Friday, November 28, 2014

How to Fix iOS 8.1 WiFi Performance Using WiFried

Apple has launched iOS 8.1.1 update last week, with iOS 8.1 WiFi performance issue that some users suffered after upgrading to iOS 8. The update solved such common problems as connecting to the Wi-Fi network, speeds being extremely slow and dropping connection intermittently.

Users who have a jailbroken device can’t update to iOS 8.1, and hence, cannot prevent their devices from this issue.

Mario Ciabarra, the best known developer for his work on big Intelliborn tweaks like MyWi and My3G, claims that he has identified why iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite users are faced with Wi-Fi issues on iOS 8.

WiFried is a new jailbreak tweak introduced by Mario Ciabarra fixes the issue on iOS 8 — iOS 8.1. As was promised by the developer few days back, you can get WiFried tweak on Cydia for free. So if you cannot use iOS 8.1 WiFi performance fix, you can try this tweak.

WiFried allows users to enable and disable AWDL/AirDrop support using a simple toggle. Ciabarra stated that the cause of the Wi-Fi performance issues is Apple’s choice to use Bonjour over AWDL for AirDrop and.

Mario explains users that to fix the WiFi issue they should disable AWDL/AirDrop from the Control Center, which brings Wi-Fi performance back to normal. If your device is jailbroken and SSH into your device, you’ll see that keystrokes reflect almost immediately on the terminal, rather than appearing after a delay.

Now in Control Center when you click on the AirDrop button, in addition to Everyone, Contacts and Off, you will get one more option, called WiFried. When you select it, WiFried will rise your Wi-Fi performance.

You can check the fix iOS 8.1 WiFi issue on video below:


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