Sunday, November 23, 2014

Apple Hires Pangu Team To Plug Three Gaps In iOS 8.1.1 Update

Can it be possible that Apple hires Pangu team? It can be.

In order to perform an any kind of iOS jailbreak, the jailbreakers must found holes in the software and then exploit them. In general, there exists working tandem of several exploits requirement.

The Pangu8 jailbreak for iOS 8 / 8.1 used a huge amount of security lapses in allowing us to achieve the Cydia's holy grail once more. Pangu team explores iOS 8.1.1 exploits to do the 8.1.1 jailbreak. As Apple has just recently plugged three gaps in iOS 8.1.1update that had made Pangu8 possible. Some Chinese hackers did it and for discovering the flaws they have been given due credits. Apple hires Pangu team to do it?

We all knew that Pangu8 Jailbreak for iOS 8 and 8.1could face with abrupt end after Apple launched iOS 8.1.1update to public. Any user updating will unfortunately not be able to jailbreak at current time. The best way now is to run iOS 8.1, the most recent jailbreakable build, which gives you the opportunity to get Pangu8 at any time you want.

In most cases, iOS 8.1.1 isn’t a remarkable update and in truth doesn’t contains real performance tweaks and bug fixes. But the three security patches that were outlined in a accompanying iOS 8.1.1's roll out document give us a bit of hope that it will help Pangu team to find the new way to jailbreak.

Three security lapses are: dyld, kernel, sandbox. They will play the main roles in Pangu8. For example, dyld enables a local user to "execute unsigned code,". As many local users with jailbroken iOS device have been doing for the past month or so.

The kernel and sandbox defects each of them open up the entrance for destructive apps to launch arbitrary code / binaries through the entire software, and so even though it’s frustrating that the jailbreak is no more, you can definitely see and realize why Apple company required to tighten things up so rapidly.

Whether there’ll be some other jailbreak on iOS is someone’s suppose. Generally hackers come through with one main untethered jailbreak for each iOS release, however with iOS 8.2 and 8.3 in the pipeline, probably we’ll be treated to more on this occasion.

Certainly jailbreaks got means to do the next jailbreak, so we’ll wait in hope.


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