Friday, October 31, 2014

Pangu Jailbreak iOS 8 Update 0.2 Released by Pangu Team

Pangu jailbreak iOS 8 update is offered once again by the well-known hackers from China who introduce the third version in a row for Windows PC. This new v.0.2 update can jailbreak the iOS 8 8.0.1 8.0.2 and 8.1 iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. According to the team who are known as Pangu, their new Pangu tool fixes a number of bugs.

Pangu update iOS 8 program for untether jailbreaking of the iDevices solves that problem with iMessage and Safari crashes and fixes the issue that caused Cydia Substrate loading fail. Now the problem is solved at the time of reboot. Also tyou can enjoy best Cydia tweaks for iOS 8 after jauilbreaking!

Pangu jailbreak bugs fixed are offered directly from the Pangu application that is present on your iPhone screen once you have jailbroken. There is no need to re-jailbreak at the moment, because hackers are still working on the future updates and the Mac version along with English version are still not available.

According to hackers, users who are going to use the Pangu update iOS 8 tool have to turn off their passcode and only then install the update. They also say that if you have already installed various tweaks and the MobileSubstrate and experience compatibility problems along with springboard crashes, you should reboot your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch and while doing this press / hold the +volume button. It will allow you turn off Mobile Substrate and uninstall applications that are not compatible with jailbreak.

The update was available on both Pangu and Cydia but Saurik has removed it from his app store because people complained about different problems that surfaced after the update was installed.


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