Tuesday, October 14, 2014

iOS 8.1 Exploit “Date Trick” Killed by Apple

It looks like the possibility of iOS 8.1 emulators is killed by Apple that has reportedly patched one exploit known as “Date Trick.” Of course, users will still be able to install and use different emulators on their iDevice but only if they jailbreak.

iPhone and iPad owners who could earlier play NES games on their iDevice without jailbreaking might not be able to do so after updating to iOS 8.1 which is expected to be launched this October. iOS 8.1 “Date Trick” once beling killed can’t help you install emulators if you haven’t jailbroken your system.

Developers who are testing betas of future iOS 8.1 say that Apple patches iOS 8.1 exploit responsible for emulators support. Hopefully, the company haven’t killed and won’t patch iOS 8.1 exploits that are used by hackers for creating iOS 8 jailbreak tools.

Right now a lot of user keep their fingers crossed and believe that Apple won’t close all the loopholes this year and we’ll see the untether iOS 8 jailbreak before or after Christmas.

Hackers are currently silent about the stage of iOS 8 jailbreak development but different reports promise they are working on the programs. At least, Pangu team and Evad3rs are known to work on the new jailbreak.


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