Saturday, October 4, 2014

How To Fix iOS 8 Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems?

The iOS 8 released brought many new integrated features and improvements. But we can also say that it has a lot of issues and bugs . One common issue that users  are facing after updating their iPhone or iPad to iOS 8 is Wi-Fi connectivity problems. We will show how to fix iOS 8 Wi-Fi connectivity problems below.

The IDevices users  claims that they cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network on iPhone, it drops  connection intermittently or speeds being extremely slow.

Follow These Possible Variant Of How To Fix iOS 8 Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Disable Wi-Fi Networking Services

Many users have reported that they’ve solved their problems by disabling Wi-Fi Networking clicking on Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. But this step only relates to your location being used for Wi-Fi Networking. And it doesn’t disable Wi-Fi entirely.

Reset Network Settings

Most networking related issues have been fixed after resetting network settings. Resetting these settings flushes caches and clears DHCP settings and other networking related info. To reset network settings you should open the Settings app and navigate to Settings > General > Reset and click on Reset Network Settings.

Set Custom DNS

Very often, if your ISPs DNS servers are having problems, you can use another way- to switch to Google DNS or OpenDNS.

Restore and Setup as new iPhone

If none of these above described fixes didn't solve your problem the last chance is to restore your iPhone or iPad via iTunes. And then set the cell phone up as a new device. This way starts your device afresh, and helps to get rid of possibly problematic customizations and settings on your device.

We are sure that one of these variants will help you to fix iOS 8 Wi-Fi connectivity problems.


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