Friday, October 3, 2014

How to Check iCloud Activation Lock For Free!

iOS 7 and iOS 8 users with the iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5c, 6 Plus and 6 can now check Activation Lock status on the official iCloud site. Apple Activation Lock checker is officially introduced and this tool can be used by anyone who needs to find out if his or her smartphone is locked to the iCloud account or not.

Apple Activation Lock check tool is useful to customers who want to buy a used iDevice and need to be sure that the Activation Lock feature is turned off by the previous owner and the iCloud account is not tied to Find My iPhone application. This way anyone who wishes to get a used device can be sure the smartphone won’t get stuck on the Activation Lock screen after restore.

The safe purchase will be when you know that your new Phone is not locked to the reseller’s account.

How to Check iCloud Activation Lock

Step 1. In order to use the new service you should go to

Step 2. Enter the IMEI or serial number of the iDevice you want to check and enter the code on the image.

Step 3. Click Continue and wait for the results.

In case the gadget’s Activation Lock option is activated, you are advised to disable it before you resell it or buy the device.

Apple Activation Lock check tool available via iCloud is free to use.


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