Sunday, October 19, 2014

Download iTunes 12 Using Direct Links

iTunes 12 first appeared as Apple's OS X Yosemite beta part this year in July. So now you can download iTunes 12 using direct links.

Below we have a description of new iTunes 12 features that we will learn on its release day. It is approximate two years since Apple launched iTunes 11 in November 2012. But it wasn't popular. After that Apple released few updates, but all of them had much issues. In fact, many users dislike iTunes 11 and still use iTunes 10.7. The new iOS 8 operating systems for both mobile phones and Mac bring positive changes for users. And it is expected that iTunes will get some improvements.

If you really interested in download iTunes 12 using direct links.

Some words about iTunes 12 in details.

Look at the picture below. Previously the iTunes icon was blue. As expected, now it will be changed to red. Within the iTunes 12 window through the top left of the navigation bar you can now see a string of icons for movies, music, TV, audio books and apps. Depending on the  screen view you use, the dropdown menu or left-hand column you can find in the current iTunes.

There is also more menu that lets you see the other options such as iTunes U, Podcasts and more. Depending on your preferences for easy access you can choose which icons of the drop down menu appear outside.

In the centre of the navigation bar in the place of the current 'Songs,' 'Albums,' 'Playlists,' 'Genres,' 'Artists,'  'Videos,' 'Radio', you can now see 'My Music,' 'Playlist,' 'Match,' 'Playlist,'  'Radio,' and 'iTunes Store' . Those options are now found at the right of the navigation bar in a drop down menu.
iTunes Store and The Apps screen have got new designs. Now they are more flatter as the iOS 8 App Store. The display cards in the carousel had disappeared , and  now appear as scrollable but completely flat banners. They have removed shadows and has been introduced a slightly tweaked font.


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