Friday, October 10, 2014

App Store No Download Progress Issues with iOS 8 Devices

Apple doesn’t always update its Status Update webpage. Most of the issues users experience are reflected on the company’s site, but sometimes you can get App Store error that is not mentioned by the iPhone giant. App Store no download progress error is one of the problems that iOS 8 device and Mac users have had recently, as stated by 9to5Mac.

If you are trying to search the App Store or download an application, game or something else you might see App Store download failed message. This problem is faced by some users, so you are not alone here.

You can just wait a bit and try again, maybe the App Store download failure is going to be fixed and let you get what you want. It is always worth trying again. Sometimes there is a high demand on Apple servers and this is what App Store failed to download and other errors might appear.

Right now Apple’s status page is green. Everything is working, at least, if you are running iOS 8.0.2 firmware which is the most recent update released by the company. Users who have App Store issues on earlier iOS 8 versions might just want to upgrade and the problems will be gone.

Hopefully, you don’t have the problem by now.


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