Sunday, September 7, 2014

What to Do Before iOS 8 Jailbreak Is Launched to Public

There is now iOS 8 jailbreak yet, but once Apple officially releases this firmware major update hackers might offer fast iOS 8 jailbreak release date. It could happen so that users would have to wait for a couple of months before the exploits are found and launched.

While Apple is preparing for its iPhone 6 launch and iOS 8 update, you can also prepare for iOS 8 jailbreak and do some things you can do beforehand. This should help you to easily update and jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The new firmware will have a lot of interesting features not present in iOS 7 and 6 and a lot of improved options from the current seventh version. The rumors point to September iOS 8 upgrade with iPhone 6 launch. Apple is updating its firmware betas which developers are testing and you can wait for iOS 8 jailbreak launch date being prepared for both update and jailbreak.

It’s Time to Prepare for iOS 8 Jailbreak Release

Step 1. Take a look at the screenshots of iOS 8 revealed by devs. Learn more about this firmware and decide whether you wish to update once it becomes public. This is simple to do as there is a lot of information on all the changes that are upcoming this fall. Some users even install beta versions to see what's new and will be brought to everybody this September.

Step 2. Users who think they do not want to update to iOS 8 are better to update right now, till this firmware becomes public and official. As soon as Apple launches iOS 8 to users you will find it very difficult to update to earlier version.

Step 3. You are also advised to back up your iPhone or iPad as each year a lot of people lose their pictures and other important information while updating because of some unexpected errors. Don’t follow their fortune and protect yourself from losing your files.

Step 4. Update your games and applications that require an update. This way you’ll save much time in the future.

Step 5. Get rid of all the apps you don’t need any more since OTA update for iOS 8 will require much free space on your iDevice.

Step 6. Think of the features you wish to get along with iOS 8 jailbreak as some of them you might get on iOS 7 after untethered jailbreak. Be prepared for the public and official iOS 8 release and jailbreak before they are launched.


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