Sunday, September 7, 2014

Over 100 Celeb Nude Pics Leaked through Apple iCloud Hack

The big 2014 iCloud hack on Sunday night, August 31st, revealed hundreds of nude pictures of celebrities. However Apple states that patched Find my iPhone hole. This is probably the biggest embarrassment of Apple iCloud celeb leaks which gave a way for 101 famous people’s private photos to see the world even though they might not even been created with this purpose.

Popular actors, singer and other celebs found their pics online after nude celebrity leaks iCloud hack, including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Selena Gomez and others. There photographs were published on 4chan forum with the images being linked to Apple 2014 iCloud hack. At the time this happened Apple hasn’t confirmed its Apple iCloud being hacked fact, while the forum where all the pictures surfaced claimed that all the nude celeb leaks were obtained from iCloud service.

Anyone who has activated iCloud on their device get all the contacts, emails and photographs being stored there automatically. Each time you are syncing your information between your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC everything is also synced to your iCloud account.

How could it be possible to access celebs accounts?

Firstly, this could be a program created by hackers. Secondly, someone could just try to guess passwords and logins or try to access accounts through email addresses.

Users are don’t want their photos to leak can disable photo syncing through iCloud. You can simply open Settings app on the iPhone or iPad and choose iCloud menu where you can turn off options you don’t like.

Security experts say that the leak could be caused through Dropbox service which is also linked to iCloud. One site took a closer look at the code for published photos and assures that the leak was caused by the iCloud hack program.

Apple hasn’t commented on the issue yet.


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