Friday, September 19, 2014

iOS 8 Battery Life Testing Results for iPhone and Other iDevices

Have you installed iOS 8 by now? This is the most recent firmware released by Apple on September 17. How has iOS 8 battery life changed? Is it draining fast or not? The new operating system comes with numerous features including widgets, updated Messages program, Interactive Notifications and many others that should influence the devices’ battery life.

The ArsTechnica conducted some battery life iOS 8 testing and know for sure how iPod touch, iPad and iPhone battery acts after being updated to this firmware version. According to these folks, iOS 8 battery usage hasn’t changed that much compared to iOS 7 battery life even though the Cupertino-based iPhone maker introduced a lot of interesting options and features making this firmware much better.

Taking into consideration that iOS 8 can boast hundreds of new updates, it is nice to know that Wi-Fi iOS 8 battery drain didn’t get a big impact. Of course, there are some loses and gains which you can see in the chart created by testers.

Right now, the most compaints come from iPhone 4S users who chose to upgrade to iOS 8. They say that their battery life is draining faster than usual, but iPhone 5 and up owners don’t experience similar problems after installing iOS 8. In this case all iPhone 4S user can downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2 and keep the battery life to bemore extended.

What about your experience? Do you face iOS 8 battery drain quicker than with iOS 7 or is everything all right?


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