Saturday, September 27, 2014

iOS 8 App Crash News Compared to iOS 7 App Crashing

How often does iOS 8 app crash problem happen? According to one report that compares iOS 8 vs iOS 7 app crashing issue, applications have a bigger chance to crash on iPhone and iPad iOS 8 device than it happens on iOS 7.1 platform.

As the report stats app iOS 8 crash rate reaches 78 percent compared to the iOS 7.1 crashing rate. This is a high figure and users will not be happy with this issue as the new platform also drains iPhone battery faster than it was expected and causes Wi-Fi connection issues. Apple will have to do a big job on fixing all these problems in its next iOS 8.0.1 or 8.1 update.

iOS 8 vs iOS 7 App Crashing Report

The report was created by Crittercism experts who analyzed information from both iOS 8 and iOS 7.1 on September 18-22 [the new iOS 8 was officially released on September 17]. App iOS 8 crash is not a big problem as comparing to iOS 7.1 firmware iOS 8 program crashing rate is a bit higher: 2% on iOS 7 against 2.11-3.57% on iOS 8.

Most crashing is experienced by iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c / 5S users. People who purchased the most recent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have less problems with iOS 8 and applications crash.

Is iOS 8 better than iOS 7? It is not difficult to answer this question. This firmware truly has more features and options. It is improved by Apple in many things, however, it also has a big number of bugs which have to be fixed in future updates.

The problem is not that terrible. iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S crashing reached 3.57 percent, while iPhone 6 app crash rate was 2.63 percent compared to iPhone 6 Plus rate of 2.11 percent.


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