Thursday, September 18, 2014

How to Fix iOS 8 Update Stuck Problem “Update Requested”

Finally Apple has presented its public iOS 8 version and millions of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users began to download and upgrade to this newest firmware from the Cupertino-based company. Still some users came across iOS 8 update requested problem. If you are one of them you can get past iOS 8 update stuck issue by fixing it through this guide.

It looks like the huge traffic overloaded the company’s servers since too many people started at once to download and install the operating system major update causing iOS 8 update stuck issue for others. If you want to update via iTunes you can see the error saying “Update Requested” which means this program servers just can’t be reached at the moment.

How to Fix Update Requested iOS 8 Issue

Method 1

Use OTA update but make sure your Wi-Fi connection is on. If you still see software update failed message you can simply try again later. Apple has a surge in traffic that it can’t handle. Try in couple of days to get iOS 8 features and updates.

Method 2

You can solve iOS 8 install problems called “Update Requested” [when you are stuck at this phrase] by resetting your gadget.

Step 1. When you see iOS 8 update requested bug, press Home and Power buttons at once and wait till your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch display goes blank. You will see Apple logo on it.

Step 2. Turn your gadget back on and try to download iOS 8 through Settings once again.

Other Can’t Install iOS 8 Problems

If you see the message that the iPhone or iPad server can’t be reached right now, you can try to check your network connection and settings, make sure that everything is good with them and take another attempt later on.

If you continue to experience problems and can’t fix iOS 8 updat on your iDevice, use direct download links for iOS 8 and update manually through iTunes.


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