Monday, September 22, 2014

How to Fix Battery Problems on iOS 8 After Update

A big percentage of people have installed iOS 8 by now. While this firmware is enjoyed by a lot of users, some of them have battery problems on iOS 8 after update. Is there a way to fix everything? Can you add life to iOS 8 battery? Let’s see what the most common issues are and how users deal with them.

Fix iOS 8 Battery Life Guide for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Some applications can drain your battery life on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can easily located some apps and fix the problem. Just open Settings – General – Usage and select Battery Usage option. You will see a list of programs that consume too much battery life.

If you wish to see all your battery hogs for the last week click on Last 7 Days menu. Some programs might have been running in the background. If you found apps running that you don’t need you can close them and extend the battery life this way. If you don’t even need some of the applications that require much battery life you can simply delete them.

Fix iOS 8 Battery Life: Background Application Refresh

You can preserve some battery life on the earlier iPhone models by disabling the option that refreshes your background apps all the time. Launch Settings and select General – Background App Refresh menu where you can turn off this feature.

Extend iOS 8 Battery Life via Location Services

A lot of programs use locating services which requires your battery life. Turn off location services for your apps through Settings – Privacy – Location Services and iOS 8 won’t “eat” as much of your iPhone or iPad battery as it used to.

To free some battery life on iOS 8 device you can also try the following methods.

Method 1

  • Disable dynamic wallpapers through Settings.

Method 2

  • Turn off automatic updates in the App Store. You can find this option in Automatic Downloads in
  • Settings – iTunes and App Store menu.

Method 3

Method 4

  • If you are not using 4G LTE, just disable it.

There are a lot of iOS 8 features you can turn off, but remember that your iDevice is good because it has all these options. If you have problems with your battery life, you can also try to restart your device or even restore it as new. Hopefully you won’t have troubles with your new firmware or Apple might release the next minor upgrade with fixes to battery life iOS 8 problems that some users have right now.


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