Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First iPhone 6 Review on YouTube Assuring This Is Official Apple iPhone

There is an interesting video on the Russian YouTube channel Rozetked that claims to show the first real iPhone 6 review on YouTube. Whoever created it assures that the iPhone 6 is what Apple will soon unveil to public in the U.S.

This is the first time a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is depicted in reality. Besides, it is compared to the iPhone 5S. You can see how the reviewer holds both smartphones in his hand. It looks likes this device was assembled from different parts because you can notice white and black front plate and a gray rear shell.

iPhone 6 official release is nearly here. Apple is expected to introduce this seventh-generation handset to public on September 9 which is next Tuesday. This what is claimed to be real iPhone 6 on video can give you an idea what to expect the next week and this September once the new smartphone is launched and appears on the store shelves in the U.S. and later across the world.

We have seen a lot of fake and real iPhone 6 leaks but no one can say for sure what the truth is and what is made up using Photoshop and other programs.

Guys from Russia give us a chance to look at the possible iPhone 6 compared to the iPhone 5S from various angles and see how different the sizes are, the screen is and phones’ elements.

The iPhone 5S looks thinner and smaller next to the iPhone 6 on this YouTube video which you are definitely recommended to watch.

This does look like a new generation device, like it should be in 2014.


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