Sunday, September 7, 2014

Apple Patches Hole in Find My iPhone App That Caused ID Leaks

Apple has reacted to the serious iCloud leak that unveiled hundreds of celebrity nude images online. The famous company is reported to finally patch the security hole that was discovered in the Find My iPhone application. This is believed to be the main source of ID and passwords that were obtained in order to steal some photos of famous people and make them public.

How Apple iCloud Hack with Celeb Pictures Was Possible

According to @hackappcom, the GitHub and iBrute concepts got a proof and celebs can sign with relief as no more nude pictures should appear online from now on. As noted on Twitter, “The end of fun” has come since Apple patched the code. It is believed that the special hack tool was uploaded to Github and it shared the weakness in the program. Luckily, this should be solved by now.

Some people who saw the naked pictures of famous people thought these were just Photoshopped fakes. But Jennifer Lawrence [Academy Award winner] confirmed that the naked photos were real, at least regarding personal leaks. Apple “refused to comment” on this iCloud flaw, as noted by The Independent.

Experts believe that attackers were simply guessing passwords to get the images from famous accounts. But now your Apple ID gets locked after you try to enter the password and get wrong for five times in a row. This is how the company patched the hole.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock and Protect Yourself from Hacks

You only have to find a company that can remove iCloud activation lock for your device and pay to get the service delivered to you. To protect your images you can either get iCloud remove service and connect your iPhone or iPad to a different account or disable options such as picture syncing. Everyone knows that today anyone can bypass iCloud activation lock on any iDevice thanks to distant services.

From one hand, this is really useful to customers who purchase used iPhones and iPads and update to iOS 7 without having the original owner’s ID and password. Since it is now hard to guess the password you should better ask professionals to hack iCloud activation lock and give you the access to your iDevice.

The service is delivered to whitelisted IMEIs only so make sure your device is not in the blacklist before you order it.


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