Sunday, September 7, 2014

Apple Investigates iCloud Hack Revealed Hundreds of Nude Celeb Images

Apple has begun its iCloud hack investigation and reacted to the alleged news about hundreds of iCloud celebrity nude photos appearing online. The famous iPhone giant reported to Re/code through spokeswoman Natalie Kerris that the Cupertino-based company takes “user privacy very seriously.”

Apple has also assured that it is “actively investigating” this issue. Even though Apple spoke about iCloud hack in Kerris’ person, it said nothing more about this situation.

The news about iCloud being hacked in 2014 quickly spread the web. Users saw iCloud celeb photo leak information and became hungry to see all those images published online. A lot of people are blaming iCloud for unveiling these photos still there are some who believe that all the pics are fake.

While there are users who think this is Photoshopped photographs, one of the celebrities whose pics got leaked, Jennifer Lawrence, has already confirmed that the photographs are legitimate.

Users have noticed that the Cupertino giant has already patched Find My iPhone hole that could be the reason of the iCloud service hack.


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