Monday, September 8, 2014

Apple Commented on Celeb iCloud Pictures Leaked Issue

Finally Apple has commented on the recent celeb iCloud pictures leaked online. While experts and users believed that there was Apple iCloud hack created by someone, the company assures that this leak has no iCloud breach background.

While you are still advised to protect yourself from possible leaks in the future by turning off all the options in iCloud you don’t want to use [for example, you can disable automatic photo syncing and this way your iPhone and iPad photographs won’t appear in your iCloud account], Apple says there was no Find My iPhone hack as most people thought. The breach didn’t exist while there were hackers who had a targeted attack on famous accounts, passwords and security questions.

Apple press release comments on the theft of famous people’s pictures from their iCloud accounts. The company states that its engineers were given a task to find the source of the possible leak but the 40 hours of investigation revealed a huge targeted attack on celeb names, security questions and passwords.

The last weekend over one hundred of nude celeb iCloud pictures leaked and appeared on 4chan forum and later on different websites. The criminals are identified yet, but Apple suggests all users should change their password making it stronger. The company also advises customers to turn of the 2-step verification option so that such hacking attacks become unsuccessful in the future.

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