Monday, August 4, 2014

iPhone 6 Release Date Postponed from September 19th to October 14th

Most customers are probably waiting for September 19 or 25 to see the official iPhone 6 release date, however it might happen so that Apple offers its iPhone 6 launch on October 14. This is what some newest rumors mention and consumers who are following all iPhone 6 rumors and reports might have to wait a bit before they can purchase the latest generation smartphone from the Cupertino-tech giant.

iPhone 6 September release have different dates predictions. Different sources mention two dates and now one date is added in October. Maybe Apple is going to release its 4.7-inch model in September and 5.5-inch version in October? We’ve heard that this bigger model might appear before or after Christmas 2014. Some experts even believe Apple is going to present it in January 2015. Instead, iPhone 6 October release date is mentioned and this is October 14th, 2014.

The new iPhone 6 specs sound so delicious that a lot of people are already looking for this smartphone to be available for public. Customers dream about the new gen iPhone as their Christmas gift. It’s hard to say what the price on the bigger screen model is to be as Apple is expected to make it about $100 more expensive than the current iPhone 5S because of the sapphire display.

Is Tuesday, October 14, the real iPhone 6 release day? Will the company rollout both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models or present the smaller one at first with the bigger one following later on?

A year ago, in 2013, Apple released its iPhone 5c and 5S on the same day, September 20th. The similar thing could happen with the two versions of the next iPhone 6.


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