Sunday, August 17, 2014

iPhone 6 Rear Shell Leaked Pictures with Protruding Camera

The next generation “fruit” smartphone is set to be launched this fall. There are a lot of different images you can find that demonstrate the possible future device. The new iPhone 6 rear shell leaked pictures, for example, show the round true tone LED flash along with a new camera with an ipod-contract-like protruding lens.

Most iPhone 6 leaked photos demonstrate the same LED flash being circular true tone. Some images can be different in some details, but it is still interesting to see what Apple could release iPhone 6 in mid-September.

Experts believe that the next smartphone will be very skinny. This is why these iPhone 6 leaked pics rear shell show the camera that protrudes out. It can’t be located inside the gadget which is very thin, just like most rumors suggest.

Some people couldn’t believe that Apple is capable of inserting the true tone flash option into the round cutout. The latest iPhone 6 leaked photos demonstrate that everything is possible, especially if this is the Cupertino-based company. The digital camera in the new smartphone should work great offering great options and real functions as an improved camera.

The leaks came from Sonny Dickson who is often correct about the predictions, but just as often mistaken about Apple’s future lines.

Are you looking forward to see the improved handset based on this improved idea of iPhone 6 shell with LED flash and camera? There might be more leaks coming soon as the official release of this handset is just around the corner. Apple is holding its famous September event in a couple of weeks from now where the company is expected to announce its new iDevices line.

Look forward for September 9 to learn more.


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