Sunday, August 24, 2014

iPhone 6 Apple Factory Photos Leak Online

The Apple company is planning to lunch new iPhone 6 this year. This big date is September the 9-th. Apple wants to demonstrate two versions of screan size iPhone 6: 4.7 in iPhone 6 and a larger 5.5 in phablet. 

Of course we expect some new innovations not as with the iPhone 4s, when almost everyone was disappointed for its lack of means. But because of constant talking during a couple of months now it will be a really discovery. And it will be exactly larger devices.

Such company as Apple always pays attention on its product details. And over the last few weeks, it has emerged that the Apple logo on the rear panel of the upcoming handset may be embedded of a scratch-resistant material. And from anonymous source this elements of iPhone 6 apple factory photos leak online.

Apple Daily have shared the following photos that shows the batteries included in the iPhone 6 and iPhone Air. The battery for the iPhone Air will be quite a bit larger at 2915mAh. That’s almost double the size of the iPhone 5s’ 1560mAh battery. 

It looks like Apple will also be updating its iPhone and iPad cables this year too, in order to take advantage of the newly launched Type-C connector, which feature “floating” centers to make insertion into PCs and the like a lot less fiddly. Apple leaker Sonny Dickson shared on twitter  images of the new alleged Apple cable, which you can see below. 

Let's talk about camera . We can say for sure it’ll be better than the rear-facing shooter of the iPhone 5s. Made of thin metal with cutouts for the Apple logo and rear camera, images of the rear shell depict the same thick antenna breaks that have been previously seen in iPhone 6 mockups and schematics. 


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