Thursday, August 28, 2014

How Does Work Phone Kill Switch. The Law Signed in California, U.S.

Phone kill switch law is signed into law in California on August 25th. This used to be smartphone kill switch bill which was accepted by the California Senate. The document goes under the name SB-962 Smartphone bill and it has special anti-theft rules that must be followed from now on.

California Senate Approves Phone Kill Switch Law in August

The new phone kill switch 2015 law makes all handsets that are sold in California to be protected from thieves. In other words, iPhone anti theft software must be installed on all iPhones that are sold in California. The same thing is related to all other brands that are available in local stores with smartphones.

Phone Kill Switch How Does It Work

A lot of users are curious how the 2015 phone kill switch law changes the smartphone market in this state. Every handset has to have anti-theft technology on it. It must be installed by the device manufacturer. Customers who buy gadgets in California will own a device with a kill switch on it. It is up to manufacture what type of protection to use. Both hardware and software technologies are more than welcome.

This way the California government wants to improve customer’s security and protection in case their smartphone gets lost or stolen. The new kill switch has to ensure that it is impossible to re-activated the iPhone 6, 5S, 5c, 5, 4S and any other smartphone by any other brand unless it is made by the original device owner.

The bill was signed by Jerry Brown [California governor]. What do you think about this phone kill switch law? Do you believe it can really protect you as a customer?


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