Friday, August 29, 2014

China Promises iPhone 6 Support All Carriers Models to Customers

iPhone 6 support all carriers model is promised to be sold by China Telecom carrier. This mobile network is already advertising the future seventh-generation Apple smartphone with a single model that is never locked. Most consumers usually buy a locked handset and later unlock their iPhone to support all networks. This is a cheaper solution than getting a SIM free device from the start. Apple will begin selling SIM free iPhone 6 and locked handsets with a 2-year contract pretty soon. The model should hit the U.S. market in mid-September [the unlocked iPhone 6 release date is believed to be September 19th, according to some sources].

Release of iPhone 6 Support All Carriers in China Rumored

China Telecom is the 3rd biggest mobile company in China. It first published the ad about selling unlocked iPhone 6 to compete with other companies via Weibo and later this post disappeared. The original listing said that consumers who buy iPhone 6 support all carriers version from China Telecom will be able to use this model on any other network in China and outside the region.

If China Telecom really offers iPhone 6 support all carriers model than it will have to truly get CDMA, LTE and all technologies variations being unified in one device. What do you think about such a possibility?
Users who are thinking about buying a locked smartphone can easily unlock iPhone 6 by IMEI code which is fast, safe and now legal in the U.S.!

Will Chinese consumers get never locked iPhone 6 from this carrier? What will unlocked iPhone 6 price be in China? We are now unable to answer these questions. Apple should offer locked and unlocked iPhone 6 for sale within the U.S. first and then it should spread the new model across the world.


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