Saturday, July 12, 2014

What Users Wished to See in iOS 8 and What They See Now

Whenever Apple is going to present a major update for its iPhone / iPad firmware, users make their personal wish-lists to later compare iOS 8 features available with their desires. Let’s take a look at what the iPhone maker offers us this summer. It still has time to add some extras to its operating system which is believed to be launched in September.

iOS 8 Features: Wishes vs. Reality

Before Apple unveiled its beta versions of the new iOS 8, people read different options from experts what to see in the firmware update and can now compare how many of the wishes have come true.

The new iOS 8 options include interactive notifications which wasn’t available in the previous version. A lot of users hoped to get this improvement. Besides, Apple has just offered in iOS 8 beta iTunes Extras for HD movies with more behind-the-scenes images, comments etc. This long-expected option has appeared in iTunes 11.3 update for Windows and Mac.

Users who hoped to see an option that allows printing to PDF and getting a new Comics mode in the iBooks app along with iTunes for iCloud are not happy as all these wishes are still just desires.

It is not possible to customize your Control Center yet. Some features have hints for them. For example, Apple offers the new low cell signal option, permissions in Settings, improved unified AirDrop and a lot of other great things to enjoy.

What options would you like to still see in the iOS 8 update? You might have your personal desires of what lacks in the current iOS 7 and several betas of the future iOS 8. If you wish to test this firmware you can risk installing it without a dev account using iTunes program.


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