Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Three UK Free 0800 Numbers and iPhone Unlock

Three UK carrier has changed its rules for customers with SIM-only data plans. Even if you haven’t ordered unlock for Three iPhone 5 UK or any other model you can call 0800 numbers at no-cost now while you are in the UK.

The news comes directly from Three and anyone who is locked to this operator or uses its SIM cards can take the advantage of the service. Not all 08- numbers are free to call. Right now the no-cost Three UK 0800 numbers include only 0800 phone numbers while other services such as 087, 084 and similar are not free to call. iPhone users will have to pay 5p for one minute after dialing the number.

The company is trying to improve its services and help customers save some money on conversations. This is great when carriers are lowing down their pricing, especially if you are already unlocked. This way you are able to select which SIM to insert right now in order to save more and which one to use later on.

To unlock Three iPhone UK [any model, any baseband and any iOS version], you have to only provide your IMEI code and wait until the company completes your order and confirms you are permanently unlocked. This official Three UK iPhone 5 / 5S / 5c / 4S unlocking is fast to get and safe to perform. It has nothing to do with software or hardware unlocks used in the past.

The companies that offer factory IMEI unlock for iPhone 3 Three UK, O2, Orange work directly with mobile operators and can easily unlock your device. This information is saved on Apple servers and after you connect to the iTunes with a non-supported SIM card, iTunes will connect to the server and see that you are unlocked completing the procedure.


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