Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mind Blowing Instagram Hacks for iPhone

Are you using Instagram for your pictures on the popular iOS smartphone? It might be not so comfortable without useful Instagram hacks because the application is not perfect for people who need to get a close look at their image or simply don’t see very well. The whole thing is a real mess until you learn about this iPhone hack.

That’s pretty much it. You can now search for more hacks for iPhone while you are already able to zoom in Instagram by double-tapping on the screen while viewing the photograph. If you need an ever closer look at the spot just swipe up. You have probably guessed it that you need to swipe down in order to zoom out.

This can truly blow your mind and ease everything. You’ll love taking pictures with Instagram from now on because the hack is simple to use and fast to apply. Go to Settings application and choose General menu where there is another menu called Accessibility. Just turn on Zoom option here.

Users who need to move around their Instagram image should drag with their 3 fingers. Everything is easy, isn’t it? Remember this simple trick and use it to improve your pics.


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