Monday, July 14, 2014

Jay Freeman aka Saurik Shares Thoughts on “Competition vs. Community”

Cydia Saurik repo is the most popular among jailbreak iOS device users. Jay Freeman is a well known developer and hacker whose creations are loved and used worldwide. Recently Cydia creator Saurik published a long 5600+ words essay on his blog. It will take a while to read everything but you can get the full article here or enjoy the most important phrases below.

Saurik Cydia news is also related to the iMods jailbreak store that should become the first Cydia alternative. Besides, he talks about Cydia competitors, his motivations, business and other topics.

According to Saurik, different people announced different projects that were supposed to compete with Cydia, however such projects were never released. He says that such announced stores disappeared too fast, soon after being promised.

The hacker also assures that his Cydia business is not the “best business in the world” as it is more the project for community that brings its creator some profits. This jailbreak app store actually “legitimizes” the whole process of iOS jailbreak.

Saurik is motivated by freedom, pride, obligation and other things. Of course, money also play the role in this developer’s life, however this is the “base amount” that doesn’t belong to the list of motivations created by Freeman.

The Cydia store dev spends much time at different conferences. You can learn more about his programs after you jailbreak iOS 7.x smartphone or tablet. There are a lot of great hacks and tweaks for your iDevice that exist thanks to Saurik.


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