Thursday, July 10, 2014

iPhone 6 Colors Guide: SIM Card Colorful Trays Give a Hint

iPhone 6 release date is mentioned as September 19 by one sources and September 30 by others. Still no one knows for sure when Apple is going to publicly launch its next line of the iOS smartphones. Customers who don’t stay in line to upgrade their models right now are waiting for the next-gen release and they wonder what colors Apple is to offer this year.

iPhone 6 rumors and leaked images make it possible to guess iPhone 6 color options we will see this fall. Reportedly, the new leaked SIM card trays shows us the classic standard options: silver, gold and gray. Of course, this should be true only if the leaks are accurate.

The three iPhone 6 colors remind of the iPhone 5S. Besides the color, images show two flex cables, Power and Volume but this isn’t the same buttom placement as seen in some previous leaks. As the new pictures supposed there will be a bigger distance between Mute / Volume buttons.

Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about its new handset but rumors suggest a higher iPhone 6 price. It was said that the Cupertino-based company was talking to carriers about adding about $100 to the price on the current models. This might be true, especially if the next device features the sapphire-glass display.

Just as always, it will be cheaper to purchase a handset with a 2-year contract from a carrier than buying a never-locked device. Don’t worry because you will be able to factory unlock iPhone 6 by its IMEI code even if you are on contract. This is a simple and safe way to become SIM free from your mobile operator.


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