Sunday, July 20, 2014

iPhone 5S Best Selling Smartphone in 2014

Some customers like to compare gadgets, for example, the iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S5. Apple and Samsung compete a lot still the Cupertino-based giant still offers only the expensive line of smartphones with colorful iPhone 5c being rumors to fail to succeed as much as Apple hoped for. At the same time, the company’s iPhone 5S is the top seller in 2014 just like the previous models were the top sellers in the past.

One research company [Counterpoint Technology Research] has created a list of handsets from all over the world back in May showing only the best-selling smartphones. The list is topped by the “fruit” 5S model which is not surprising at all.

While the iPhone 5S is the best selling smartphone in 2014, it is followed by the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4. The top 10 also includes the iPhone 4S, 5c, Galaxy Note III and Xiaomi Mi3 along with other devices from these three brands.

It is interesting to see the Chinese Xiaomi firm in line with Samsung and Apple. This is a big jump for this smartphone maker. Still experts believe that Apple and Samsung will stay on the top of the list this year for sure with iPhone 6 jumping in line once it is officially launched in September 2014.

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