Tuesday, July 15, 2014

iOS 8 Beta 4 Release Date Rumor

Most iOS firmware versions often have about 6-7 betas tested by developers before Apple makes the new update public. This year all registered devs who are interested in testing the company’s operating system for their apps and games are working with iOS 8. Some ordinary users have also dared to install this update without an UDID and registered developer’s account.

iOS 8 beta 4 download is rumored to be available on July 28. So far the iOS giant has released three beta versions of this operating system. Some people believed this fourth beta to appear earlier than the end of July. Devs really hope to see it by July 21 but the new rumors [this news comes from Apple source] suggests a different iOS 8 beta 4 release date.

If this rumors turns out to be truthful, we will be able to get iOS 8 beta 4 update on Monday, July 28. This will give Apple another month and a half to release other betas and the Golden version before the new operating system is presented to users in the middle of September.

Of course, the new beta might be launched earlier. We might even see it next Monday, July 21 as earlier rumors suggested. Still if this doesn’t happen, you will remember about the possible obstacles that could push the launch forware by 1 week.

It took the company about two weeks to update its first beta to beta 2 while the third release followed only 3 weeks after the second beta launched. Devs with compatible iDevices will definitely see this upgrade, sooner or later.


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