Wednesday, July 9, 2014

iOS 8 Beta 3 WiFi Calling Feature Supported by T-Mobile

Apple’s most recent iOS 8 beta 3 seeded to devs for testing this July comes with one new feature. It is called WiFi Calling and it will work on your iPhone only if your carrier supports it. T-Mobile WiFi iOS 8x option is one of the first introduced in the U.S. The mobile company has already confirmed it is able to provide such support for T-Mobile iPhone with the latest firmware option once iOS 8 becomes public.

There are many more optionis you can enjoy once you get iOS 8 beta 3 download. Still this is one of the most awaited features by customers locked to one network. We’ll not explain here how you can install iOS 8 beta 3. Instead we’ll talk about this WiFi Calling update.

If you have managed to get iOS 8 beta 3 via links [if you are a registered iOS developer] or update through iTunes, you can try to make a phone call without cellular network. Users will be able to phone their friends and receive calls via Wi-Fi.

How does it work? You can get to the new feature and turn it of in Settings – Phone – Wi-Fi Calling. Turn this option on and stay connected even when cellular is not available. Right now the option has been reserved by T-Mobile, but other carriers will most likely offer it as well once Apple makes iOS 8 public.

Besides, if you choose to buy a new T-Mobile iPhone with WiFi Calling option you might get locked to this carrier thus factory unlock by IMEI could be of great help. This service is safe and fast to get and it makes you unlocked with a lifetime guarantee.


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