Thursday, July 17, 2014

iOS 7 Update Enjoyed by 90% of iDevice Users

The most recent public version of Apple mobile firmware is iOS 7.1.2 released in the beginning of July. At the same time the company is testing its next iOS 8 with developers being seeded beta 3 and expecting to see iOS 8 beta 4 launch on July 21 or 28.

iOS 7 update brought a lot of new features. It is understood why about 90 percent of all iOS devices are now running this mobile operating system. This version was officially launched less than a year ago and this high rate of gadgets carrying it looks incredible for Apple. By the way, numbers were revealed by the Cupertino-based giant.

The company says that about 9 percent of its smartphones and tablets are still using iOS 6 and about 1-2 percent are using older versions of this firmware.

iOS 7 download popularity means that every 9 in 10 handsets and iPads have been updated to support this firmware. Users who choose to order iOS 7 unlock service and become free from their carrier and people who prefer to use iOS 7 jailbreak in order to install third-party apps, tweaks and hacks get more from their iDevices than others.

Being jailbroken and unlocked these days means getting fresh air for breathing as you are able to switch SIM cards, save on roaming charges, install tweaks to customize your iPhone, iPod or iPad and perform various tricks to enjoy your “fruit” experience to the fullest.

While so many customers are running iOS 7, millions of Apple fans are keeping an eye on the next iOS 8 which should make even better this mobile firmware. A lot of users are going to purchase the next generation iPhone 6 which will come with iOS 8 pre-installed on it.

What version are you using now? Are you satisfied with it or not?


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