Saturday, July 26, 2014

Apple Expected to Launch iOS 8 Beta 5 on August 15

Developers who have recently got the new iOS 8 beta 4 for testing are already looking for iOS 8 beta 5 and 6 to be launched. There are some predictions on these two betas launch.

As some experts believe, you will be able to download iOS 8 beta 5 on August 4 with the sixth beta following on August 15. Devs and some users who managed to install this firmware without the registered UDID number can see what’s new.

The Cupertino-based company usually presents 6-7 versions of its betas for testing with the final GM followed by the official public update. This year we have seen the first four testing versions of iOS 8. Apple revealed it in the beginning of June.

Now as August arrives, the company is believed to offer iOS 8 beta 5 launch in the begging of this next month of the summer. As always, it might take the firm longer to provide the upgrade or the whole thing might happen faster. It is always necessary to look at such presentations with a grain of salt.

For example, the fourth beta was expected to arrive on July 21 or 28, and it was really launched earlier this week. You will be able to use iOS 8 beta 5 download links as soon as this operating system becomes available for registered developers.

Will the next upgrade offer some changes or minor bug fixes only? We’ll know this pretty soon, and everyone who wishes to see all the benefits of iOS 8 should wait till the system is presented to public in September 2014.


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