Thursday, June 12, 2014

Russian Hackers Caught for Hacking iPhones & Demanding Payments

Users with iPhone hacked by two Russian guys were forced to pay them in order to return control over their account. These hackers have been detained and all iOS hacker news are talking about them now.

Young hackers who are just 23 and 17 years old found a hole in Cloud which allowed them accessing Apple customer’s accounts. The two young men gained control over accounts and demanded money for giving it back to original owners. They hacked a number of devices this way until they were detained.

Two hackers are from Moscow. Reportedly, they were caught when they tried to withdraw the money stolen from users who were attacked through iCloud breach.

Hackers users Find My iPhone app to steal access to users’ accounts. Then they emailed or called people asking for money [$50 or $100] and promising to delete all personal information in case they won’t get paid.

The two hackers were also selling Apple IDs with lots of paid content already loaded. These were their victims IDs.

Both hackers have already confessed to their crime. One of them was previously in jail and both hackers are known to like easy ways for money making. Russian authorities searched the guys’ apartments and confiscated all the electronics discovered there.

Don’t worry about hackers controlling your iPhone if you live in the U.S. and have the invoice from Apple store for purchasing your iDevice. These guys worked with foreigners who couldn’t visit the official Apple stores and prove their purchase to restore their ID. Hopefully the hole found by these hackers will still be patched by Apple sooner or later.


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