Thursday, June 19, 2014

iTunes Match Upload Error: Is There a Fix?

Users complain about new iTunes match download problems. Apple Support forums have lots of complaints from users who have issues with uploading music to iTunes Match.

iTunes Match bugs appear once in a while with Apple Support forums getting complaints from customers who experience problems. The latest iTunes match issues with iOS 7 mention the inability to upload music. Some people say that matching doesn’t work. Others assure that they cannot play songs at all. 

iTunes Match upload error might be fixed if you try this instruction. It works for some users, but might not work for you if there is a problem with your iDevice or system updating. 

Some of the threads can be found here: Apple Support forums. As Exile Atkins says in his post, the problem has begun recently. Everything was great until this member tried to delete his library, as it was impossible to listen to the songs now. iTunes update, data erasing hasn’t helped. 

Another member describes his iTunes Match problems as follows: the program update and matching do not work at all. He has tried some solutions but failed to succeed. 

According to posts and complaints, users have had the problems with the program for about a week. Users who tried to restart their computer hoping to solve the problems this way didn’t get the positive results. 

Some experts believe that iTunes Match bulk download happens to songs that are not sold through iTunes store. If you upload tunes from the App Store there should be not problems. At the same time, Apple has already reported that its iTunes services are not buggy so the problem is not with the services. 

You might wanna try this method if you still have the problem. Just clean your cache for the iTunes Store and it might work for you. Just disable Match and go to Preferences – Advanced where you can select the option called “Reset iTunes Store Cache” and then you have to close and launch iTunes turning on your Match.   


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