Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to Set Up New iPhone Using iCloud

There is no need to use your iTunes program to set up new iPhone. You just need to have an iCloud account to perform clean install for iOS device. It is possible to get iPhone clean install distantly OTA. Can there be anything more simple and fun than using over-the-air set up? Believe us; this is worth your time.

There are many nice little secrets with Apple gadgets. Learn more and use all the tips and tricks for better experience.

How to Set Up New iPhone Using iCloud

You got the new Apple handset and wish to have iPhone clean install for iOS 7 firmware.

Step 1. Turn on your smartphone. The new device will greet you with “Hello” message.

Step 2. To begin this clean install for iOS 7 gadget we should start the set up process. Just slide your finger as you are asked to do and select your preferred language along with your country.

Step 3. Select WiFi network and make it run by entering your password if this is not public Wi-Fi. If there is not WiFi around you can select Use Cellular option.

Step 4. Decide whether you need Location Services or not as this is the next menu you will see.

Step 5. Now it’s time to set up new iPhone via iCloud as you will see such an option.

Step 6. If you have an Apple ID you can sign in now. If you don’t have one you can create it. You can also just skip it if you wish.

Step 7. Once skipping the previous or this step, you should agree and confirm you have agreed to the fruit giant’s Terms and Conditions.

Step 8. Decide if you want to store images and other files / data in iCloud.

Step 9. Turn on or don’t enable iOS 7 Find My iPhone app now.

Step 10. Select the phone number or several numbers [as well as email addresses] that will be associated with Apple ID you have. They will also be used by iMessage app.

Step 11. You have an option whether to add a passcode or not.

Step 12. Siri can be activated now or later on.

Step 13. You can either send or not your diagnostic data to Apple.

Step 14. Now just click Get Started option and your iPhone is ready to be used.

Most of the settings can be changed in the future through Settings application.


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