Friday, May 9, 2014

When You Reach iTunes Match Limit of 25,000 Songs

Music fans often like to keep their CDs and even vinyl. The same collection desire comes to their iTunes library on the iPhone or iPad. What are your steps once iTunes match limit is achieved which is 25,000 songs? It looks like a huge number of tunes but it might not be enough to people who really love music and cannot live without it.

Some user say that their iTunes started to show different errors even when their limit was below 25K mark. Those who reached iTunes Match limit also mention errors and problems with uploads. This happens when you buy music from different sources. If you are using iTunes tracks only nothing bad will happen since these songs do not count against the limit.

iTunes Match limit affects only audio CD ripped songs and various sources besides iTunes. Here is how to count the songs you got from iTunes.

I Have Reached iTunes Match Limit: What to Do Now?

How to Create iTunes Smart Playlist

Step 1. Launch iTunes app.
Step 2. Go to File and choose New.
Step 3. Open Smart Playlist option. Match should be checked.
Step 4. Choose Artist pop-up option and change it to “Kind.”
Step 5. If you did everything right you will see “Contains” as your new pop-up option.
Step 6. It is required to type this phrase “Purchased AAC” in the field you will see. Now press on OK.
Step 7. iTunes should now create a smart playlist with songs from this music store only.

How to Split iTunes Library

This short guide will help you to make smaller chunks from the iTunes library you have.
Step 1. Launch iTunes and select File – New – Playlist.
Step 2. You can give the name to your new playlist such as “New iTunes library” for example.
Step 3. Add music from your existing library to the newly created by dragging the files.
Step 4. You need to launch the Finder [Mac users can simply click on their desktop for this] and go to File – New Folder which you should name “New iTunes Library.”
Step 5. Get back to iTunes and recheck that the folder you have created above is displayed on your desktop computer.
Step 6. Choose the first title in your playlist [it will be highlighted] and select all songs through Command-A. Drag them into your desktop folder.
Step 7. Press on File on iTunes, choose Library – Export Playlist. You should save this playlist. You can exit iTunes.

These seven steps helped you to duplicate your songs from New iTunes Library playlist into your Mac folder.

It is better to locate your folder in a safe place on your Mac. Once you have new iTunes library it generates the .XML file which can be easily read by iTunes.

Users who wish to open this library using Apple music program should launch iTunes while pressing down on the Option key. The program will ask you to select the library and give you a chance to choose the folder with your songs. You can choose Library – Import Playlist and get the .XML file.

How to Delete Old iTunes Library

All the above steps helped you to actually create tow folders with songs. They exist in both your old library and new library folder. It is necessary to get rid of your new library files from the old iTunes library. Here is how to do this.

Step 1. Press down on Option and launch iTunes.
Step 2. Select the option called Choose Library and find the original library in Music folder [this is where it is commonly located].
Step 3. Select your new library playlist, choose the first file and select all using Command-A.
Step 4. Click and hold Option together with Delete on your keyboard. Confirm your desire to delete music copies.

That’s pretty much it.


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