Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rechargeable Battery for iPhone 5 / 4S Can Be Fixed Once Going Bad

Lithium-ion batteries used in the iPhone and other smartphones often go bad during long usage. They just lose the capability of holding the charge as years go by and the scientist seem to figure out why it happens this way and how to solve the issue.

Imagine how cool it can be to extend the life of your rechargeable battery for iPhone 5 or other model of Apple handset. Scientists from Lawrence Berkeley say that erosion can be seen at cathode and anode battery ends. Understanding the nature of erosion pattern can help researches find how to fix rechargeable batteries in the future.

They believe they can use specific powder to improve the life of battery through its anodes. Scientists are trying to create the material that is capable of counteracting the imperfections on the anode side of the rechargeable battery for iPhone 4S or any other device.

It’s hard to say when exactly this power becomes real and starts working. The research has just begun and it is impossible to fix rechargeable batteries right away. The progress of science isn’t that fast but once the method is developed it can truly change life of many people for better. Having a longer-term battery on your device can save you some money so this study is promising.

What about your smartphone? Are you satisfied with how long your battery lasts? How long can you keep holding a good charge?


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