Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More iOS 8 Features, Specs, Rumors and Accessories News

iOS 8 users might have to purchase a new version of a Lightning connector for their iPhone 6. Apple is rumored to also create new headphones and present high-definition audio playback for the new firmware update.

Will Apple enable the better quality audio files for iOS 8 gadgets or not? We’ll learn this I September. Most of the next iOS 8 features along with the next OS X 10.10 will surely be present at WWDC event that begins on June 2, 2014. As for the new accessories for iOS 8 smartphones, they should be released later in the fall alongside the official launch of the iPhone 6 and other devices.

iOS 8 specs mention updated Maps apps, smarter Siri assistant, Healthbook program that will be capable of showing health-related data for Apple customers.

The current firmware version is not able to support 24-bit files of high quality. Most users have to stay with the 16-bit rate music though some applications such as FLAC Player [you cannot download it from the App Store].

Besides these innovations, iOS 8 rumors mention the update for the Lightning cable that can support the playback option on MFi audio accessories and in-ear headphones that were last upgraded back in 2008. It’s hard to say when the changes are to come.


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