Tuesday, May 13, 2014

iTunes Connect to Be Closed on May 14

Don’t worry when your iTunes Connect status is changed to “closed” as this Wednesday, May 14, the service will be closed for maintenance. This procedure is common and it happens once in a while. The news is just a quick head up for all iOS and Mac developers who use iTunes Match and Connect for their work.

Everyone who is involved with developing and rely on this program [who are registered users] have got emails about iTunes Connect closed status for May 14. According to the maintenance schedule, the underway will begin at 8 am PDT. iTunes Connect will not be working during four hours.

You won’t be able to deliver content and use the tool at this time. This is just a note for devs. You can either re-schedule your personal plans for Wednesday or spend this time working on new projects and ideas. 

There will be 4 hours when you cannot distribute your songs, games, applications, books and other things on the App and Mac stores, iTunes and iBooks. You won’t be able to access your sales reports, banking info, taxes etc.

The 4 hours is not that long so there should be no problems for all developers.


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