Thursday, May 29, 2014

iPhone 6 Back Panel in Leaked Images

With WWDC 2014 fast approach and the next Apple products iPhone 6 rumors show more images and photos that are believed to be leaked but might just as well turned out to be fake. The most recent posts reveal what is said to be the iPhone 6 back panel.

There were a lot of parts leaked already. There was the front panel, model for chassis, batteries and now the backlight panel. The iPhone 6 back cover surfaced on Weibo site from China [the report is shared by]. It reveals the 4.7-inch model but it is impossible to verify this information.

The panel looks similar to the current models 5c and 5S. Its main difference is the connector’s new location and updated design for pins. Sadly, the new pictures don’t say too much about the next generation smartphone from Apple.

This next model is believed to be thinner than the iPhone 5S. According to rumors, the iPhone 6 should get the body about 6-7mm thick while the recent model 5S is 7.6mm thick.

The iPhone 6 release date is expected for September or late August. Experts think that the company will first present the 4.7-inch model and then release the 5.5-inch device. Some iPhones could get the sapphire glass screen with exclusive price.

The next cell phone should also get a better camera, new features, powerful A8 processor and other details that make it more interesting for users with older devices. Apple is now trying to inspire customers to trade in their older iPhone for the iPhone 5S / 5c however customers prefer waiting for the iPhone 6 release to participate in the trade-in program later this year.


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