Tuesday, May 13, 2014

iOS 8 Specs Mention Split-Screen Multitasking for iPad

New rumors mention the iOS 8 multitasking concept for iPad devices. Apple might bring amped-up feature using the split-display technology in its next huge iOS update that might happen in September. Developers will see the betas in June during WWDC 2014.

This option can be a great hit. Till then Apple allowed its multitasking feature to display only one application at a time. Displaying more than one app could attract more customers to the company’s products. The iPad has a bigger screen than the iPhone so its screen can easily show two applications at the same time wit the line in the middle of the display.

Other companies [Microsoft and Samsung] are using similar components. If Apple’s iOS 8 multitasking gets the new upgrade it will allow applications to interact and developers to create apps that could easily interact. This could allows users drag images, videos and texts from one program to another one etc.

iOS 8 specs are not shared with the public yet. We’ll learn much more about all the iOS 8 new features pretty soon. Apple is expected to present it on June 2 similar to what happened a year ago with the iOS 7 introductions. Developers might get the whole summer for testing iOS 8 beta 1, 2, 3 etc. until the official firmware release in August or September.

Users will surely be happen if Apple allows them sharing content between applications with XPC support for mobile firmware. The option is curious and interesting to both devs and ordinary iDevice owners.


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