Saturday, May 31, 2014

iOS 8 Multitasking Not Ready for WWDC 2014 Event

WWDC 2014 predictions are about to happen. The event is to begin on Monday with Apple live streaming it through Apple TV, iOS apps and website. Different companies and developers can’t wait to learn more about iOS 8 features, next OS X update and new ‘fruit’ products that will be released later this year.
Split-screenmultitasking is one of the most expected options of iOS 8. The latest reports assure that this iOS 8 multitasking feature won’t be introduced at WWDC this year because it is not ready for the preview.

The NYT Brian Chen reports that the split-screen feature expected in the next major firmware update won’t be introduced on June 2. This option is rumored to arrive to the new iPads and iPad Air models either in 2014 or later. It should allow users to see two applications at the same time on the same screen separated by a line in the middle of the screen.

Such a feature should make it much easier to share photos, texts, links and other data between two programs. It is now impossible to display 2 games or apps on the iPad but Apple is working on this issue. This is what reports and expectations mention and predict.

The lack of split-screen multitasking in the current iOS 7 gadgets was used by Microsoft that advertised its products capable of showing multiple applications on the same display at the same time.

Experts believe that the feature will arrive in iOS 8 this year even though it won’t debut on Monday.


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