Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How to Turn On / Off Vibration Alert on iPhone

iPhone users who have default settings get a long pulse vibration when they receive phone calls and two short vibrations when they get a text message. Other alerts get only a single vibration by default and you can change this. Create your own patterns to easily understand what notification is received by your smartphone without looking at it.

You can customize vibration on iPhone with iOS 7: create new, delete old and turn off the ones you don’t need at the moment. Follow the instructions below to assign custom vibrations on the popular fruit handset.

How to Create New Vibration on iPhone

Step 1. Open Settings app and go to Sounds.

Step 2. Choose Sound and Vibration Patterns menu and the type of alert you want your pattern to work for.

Step 3. Go back to the top of the list and select Vibration.

Step 4. Find Create New Vibration option and click on it.

Step 5. Select your vibration’s sequence. If you want it to be continuous, you should hold your finger down. For pauses just lift it up. Press Stop after you finish this process. You can also listen to your pattern before Saving it.

Step 6. Get back to Vibration and assign your new pattern for the iPhone alert type you need.

How to Turn Off Vibration Alert on iPhone

This instruction is for users who wish their iPhone have no vibration alerts.

Step 1. Go to Settings and select Sounds.

Step 2. In the Sounds and Vibration Patterns you should once again select the alert you want the vibration to stop working for and click on it.

Step 3. Go down till you see Vibration menu, launch it and scroll down till you see None option. Press on it.
Now the alerts will stop vibrating.

How to Delete Custom Vibration on iPhone

This is also simple to do.

Step 1. Open Settings – Sounds – Sounds and Vibration Patterns.

Step 2. Choose your alert type and go down until Vibration menu.

Step 3. Click on Edit option and Delete.

Step 4. Click on Done once you finish.


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