Monday, May 12, 2014

How to Turn Off Siri on iPhone 5S / 5

iOS 7.1 bug with Siri exposing iPhone 5S / 5 contacts without passing lockscreen might make you want turn off your personal assistant. You can easily disable Siri on lock screen if you follow our instruction. This guide is not difficult and it won’t take much of your time.

Reason to Turn Off Siri on iPhone 5

The person who speaks about iOS 7.1 security flaw is Sherif Hashim from Egypt. This expect assures that you can ask Siri to show the full contact list without unlocking your Apple smartphone. This can’t be performed distantly. Yet you might like to turn this possibility off for anyone who can touch your device on your behalf and get to your contacts.

How to Turn Siri Off on iPhone 5S [Lock Screen Guide]

Here is how to turn Siri off on iPhone 5 lock screen to avoid any problems in the future:

Step 1. To disable Siri on iPhone 5 you need to launch Settings on the gadget.

Step 2. Find Touch ID & Passcode menu and click on it. If the passcode is turned on you will have to enter it to proceed.

Step 3. Scroll down and search for Allow Access When Locked option. There will be Siri right near the slider. Turn it off.

That’s it however you need to understand that once you disable Siri on lock screen you won’t be able to use this personal assistant for hands-free phone calls if your device is locked.

What will you choose: better security or mobility? You can always allow your Siri working but disable Voice Dial option instead in Step 3. You’ll be safe against the hack found by Egypt expert. At the same time Siri will be supported.


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