Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hackers Assure Activation Lock Bypass Possible on iOS 7 Devices

Activation Lock hack for iOS 7 makes is possible to bypass Find my iPhone security feature using SSL bug. Such information is reported by a group of hackers who assure that compromise for iCloud unlock lock option is real.

Last time I wrote about another iOS 7 activation hack that allowed activating your gadget through circumventing the real process with activating Apple devices. 

According to MerrukTechnolog and AquaXetine [two hackers from Morocco and Netherlands], they found a hack that can unlock a stolen iPhone 5. Their hack is capable for bypassing the iOS 7 activation lock and steal the device for reselling it in the future. The information is published here.

It Is Possible to Unlock Stolen iPhone 5 Through SSL Bug on iOS 7

SSL bug on iOS 7 gadgets wasn’t the tool that allowed these guys to get access to the original Apple ID and password. All the information is stored in iCloud service and hackers claim they are able to access it, but how they are doing this is unknown. They deny using the SSL issue. It reportedly took hackers about 5 months to create the hack and find the vulnerability. They assure they can now unlock any locked device now using a computer that can connect to the Cupertino-based company’s servers. The Activation lock bypass is possible since the handset identifies hacker’s computer as Apple’s server.

They could use the SSL bug on iOS 7 to access the information stored in iCloud. It is currently unclear how exactly hackers can bypass the security system. Apple will most likely close the patch soon if everything told by hackers is true [they say they have unlocked over 30 thousand handsets lately].


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